Friday, June 26, 2009

Terry Hitchcock's 'My Run' Debuts in Hollywood

My Run, the inspirational story of Terry Hitchcock, debuted its first screening last night at the Regency Fairfax Cineplex. The screening was an intimate, red carpet event hosted by the film's associate producer (and Largest Mixer supporter!) Christine Redlin. The guest list featured cast members (including the Hitchcock family), celebrities, friends, family, and several other invited guests.

My Run, directed by Tim Vandesteeg, tells the remarkable story of a man who, after tragically losing his wife to breast cancer, ran 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days to raise awareness and support for single parent families. Throughout Terry's journey from Minnesota to Atlanta, we are all reminded that human beings can accomplish anything that they put their minds to--all we need is someone to show us that it's possible.

Upon conclusion of the film, a short reception was held and many thanks were given to all of the film's sponsors and those involved in the making of this very special motion picture. A special thank you was extended to Billy Bob Thornton, the film's narrator, as well as Christine Redlin, Vandesteeg’s mother, and the film's Producer, Mark Castaldo. Other appreciations were extended to the Minnesota Twins, Sun Country Airlines, local chambers of commerce, as well as the cancer and single parent foundations that continue to support Terry throughout his quest to better the future for our children.

In closing, My Run left audience members with uplifted spirits and a new perspective on what can be achieved if we set our minds to it. All in all it was truly a night to remember.

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