Friday, July 10, 2009

Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce Mixes it up with Busby’s on Wilshire

The Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce held their monthly luncheon mixer today at the Miracle Mile Busby’s on Wilshire. While each monthly mixer is always held at a new location, the theme always remains the same -- great people coming together to achieve great things in the community.

The Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce's mixers are unlike any other. Not only do they bring business members of the community together, but they also encourage members to reach out to those people and businesses that they may or may not have previously met.

Throughout the luncheon, chamber members enjoyed delicious food and beverages catered by El Toro Cantina. When we arrived, members had already began mixing and mingling. Upon conclusion of lunch, Steve, Bill and other chamber members gave a short speech thanking everyone for their participation and gave special thanks to the Largest Mixer for their support and prize donation (four tickets to L.A.'s Largest Mixer on July 23rd). The Miracle Mile Chamber is a major supporter of the Largest Mixer and is eager to see what new and exciting things this year will bring.

At the close of the event, members were all encouraged to introduce themselves and tell everyone a little bit about their business. In addition, even Mayor Gabriel Sermano was present to provide a few words of wisdom and encouragement. Others in attendance included Matt Simon from The Grove, Mark Logan with Firm Body Evolution, and Pam Rudy of the Larchmont Chronicle.

Overall the Miracle Mile Chamber Mixer was a wonderful luncheon filled with great food, fabulous prizes, and amazing people!

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