Friday, October 16, 2009

Santa Ana Business Alliance features Dave Linden as Guest Speaker of the Business Alliance Speaker Series

Yesterday, the Largest Mixer's very own Dave Linden guest spoke at the Business Alliance Speaker Series. Hosted by the Greater Santa Ana Business Alliance, the event was entitled "How to Make Your Booth Sizzle." As the title suggests, Dave spoke about the various dos and don'ts about how to really make your expo booth visible and get the most exposure possible.

A few highlights from the speech:
1) Have a goal. Whether it's to grab 100 business cards, sign up 25 people to your e-newsletter, or whatever it may be, having a goal that you can actively try and meet during the event keeps both you and your employees more engaged throughout the entire process.
2) Have a hook AKA The Showstopper. Why are people going to want to come to your booth? Make sure you have something that everyone walking the floor will want to search down your booth for.
3) Dress the part. Don't necessarily feel obligated to wear a suit for the day. Even though we're in the business of doing business, the mixer is also about having fun. Maybe you could wear some clothes that feature your company's logo? Or maybe you could even have costume clothes to grab attention. Whatever you decide to wear though, make sure that it's a good reflection of your company.

Just a few of the people that we ran into were Warren Hoffnung, CEO of My Wrapper, Barry V. Fidel of Cards From Barry, and Grace Manzano, Director of Operations of California Dental Group.

We'd like to extend a special thanks to Nancy Sandoval for putting together a great event!

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