Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Largest Mixer in San Francisco

From West Hollywood to San Fransisco... where there's a networking event in California the Largest Mixer will be there! 

This past week the Largest Mixer traveled to San Fransico for Gay Pride '08. This event was all about great food, great causes and a great time! Lots of Bay Area businesses participated in Gay Pride '08, to showcase their products and their support for the gay and lesbian community. Along with local businesses there were also booths from large corporations, hospitals and even support groups! But we have to be honest and say that we were a little bummed by the scarcity of cute doggie boutique booths this year. The Largest Mixer needs it's fix of adorable puppy accouterments. 

Aside from the lack of doggie booths, we were happy to see that that CVS Pharmacy was involved and was gracious enough to hand out promotional bags filled with many useful things such as Band-Aids, sticky notes and heating pads! Kaiser Permanente was thoughtful enough to provide free sun-block and chap-stick, which really came in handy at an outdoor event. We have to give the "most creative booth" award to joiedevivrehotels.com for their use of polaroids and a catchy slogan- "get a room." But the most helpful promotional item came from the Golden Gate Business Association and the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley who combined their sources to create the "premier LGBT business directory of the San Fransisco Bay Area!" And you bet we got our hands on one of those babies.

All in all San Francisco Gay Pride '08 was a wonderful success! It was an easy networking event as all the attendees were very kind and happy, feeding off the vibe of the event. 

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