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The Largest Mixer hosted it's VIP Kick-off Event for the fast approaching LA's Largest Mixer X, july 24th at the Shrine Auditorium

The soiree was held at the stylish Wilhelm’s Savannah in Century City on Wednesday, July 9. Attended by almost two-hundred business people, the event was a great opportunity for the participants to meet all of the other sponsors, cosponsors and exhibitors for L.A.'s Largest Mixer X. One such exhibitor, Jigger Abendano, Special Events Manager for SpeedZone, echoed this idea when he said "It's like a micro-dimension of the actual Largest Mixer and it lets us warm up with each other before the mixer- you also get to see who your competition is!" 

The kick-off was so well attended that this Largest Mixer reporter could hardly make her way through the crowd to talk to people and take pictures. The only other people who had as hard of a time as I did trying to make the rounds were the servers passing out the complimentary hors d'oeuvres; they could hardly keep the food on the trays! "The kick-off event is great! It's so crowded we can't even see the servers!" joked Rich Wallace from the Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce.

exchanging business cards
exchanging business cards at the kick-off event

Every where you looked there were people exchanging business cards, mixing, mingling, laughing and connecting- the sound was amazing, and it was just a taste of the things to come with LA's Largest Mixer X. Even a the possibility of winning a free dinner cruise could hardly stop all the activity as Dave Linden, Event Producer for the Largest Mixer, found out when he tried to quiet the crowd and commence with the "business card draw" giveaway contest.

Attendees had the oportunity to win one of the following five things:

1. A Hornblower Cruises and Events "Friday Night Blues Dinner Cruise" plus a one nigh stay at the Marina del Rey Marriott. (Won by Jigger Abendano from SpeedZone.)

2. A $50 Gift Certificate to Westfield Century City courtesy of the Century City Chamber of Commerce. (Won by Rose Cote from Los Angeles World Airports.)

3. A one night stay in a luxurious Marina View room at the Inn at Playa del Rey. (Won by Daniel Roebuck from cpSphere.)

4. Passes to Universal Studios Theme Park, donated by Edgar Mejia from Conexion. (Won by Susan Bursk from the Century City Chamber of Commerce.)

5. Brownies donated by Randy Fuhrman, CEO Randy Fuhrman Events. (Won by Bruce Hatefi from Repicci's Italian Ice.)

Congratulations to the lucky winners and thanks to the people who contributed such awesome prizes! 

Contest winner Jigger Abendano and Stephanie Anda, both with SpeedZone, talk with other Largest Mixer exhibitors.

But it seemed like everyone was a winner for just attending the event, like business women Christine Redlin and Margot M. Jackson, Esq. who met for the first time at the kick-off event. The two women started talking about their respective businesses, Christine does client relations for United Independent Taxi and Margot does financial services for Primerica, when Christine had a great idea to combine their businesses! She mentioned that her taxi drivers were all independent contractors and that Margot should come in and and talk to the drivers about their finances. "If it weren't for the Largest Mixer we never would have met!" exclaimed Christine, "Thank God for Dave, thank God for the Largest Mixer-" "And thank God for Dave's mom for bringing Dave into the world!" added a jovial Margot.

While we're on the topic of giving thanks... 

The Largest Mixer would like to thank KABC RadioHope Financial USA, Inc., Groove FootwareOWL Enterprise and Wilhelm’s Savannah for their incredible support and sponsorship of the evening. The event wouldn't be possible without the special attention to detail from Savannah's Russ Klop and Ed Brodersen.

Wow, if the kick-off event was this well attended we can only imagine what the actual event will be like! We'll find out on July 24 at LA's Largest Mixer X!

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