Tuesday, September 23, 2008

National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-LA) 4th Annual Organizing Expo

Last night, the Largest Mixer attended NAPO-LA’s 4th Annual Organizing Expo, which was held at the Olympic Collection in West LA.

Some of the staff here at the Largest Mixer would like to think that we already have a stellar organizational system. An organizing expo like this, however, shows that regardless of how good a system already is, there is always room for improvement. Those aforementioned staff members are no longer employed at the Largest Mixer.

NAPO President, John Trosko presents the "Best in Show
Award" to Chris McKenry of Get It Together LA!

All kidding aside, the Organizing Expo was a terrific success. This year’s Expo hosted the first ever “Ask the Organizer” Panel. Home and business organizational experts offered their insight and guidance to a packed house of aspiring professional organizers and members of the general public. The questions asked ranged from residential to small business to corporate organizing concerns. The most anticipated question was how to successfully maintain an organizational system while balance family, activities and work. Just a few of the exhibitors whom we saw at the Expo were Get it Together LA!, Smart Box USA and Garage Envy.

NAPO-LA is a long time exhibitor here at the Largest Mixer, so we would truly like to extend our thanks to Jody Watson and President of NAPO-LA, John Trosko for throwing such a fantastic event.

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John Trosko said...

It's an honor to be featured on your blog! Thank you so much for your support Dave (and staff).

Largest Mixer has always been near and dear to NAPO-LA. By participating in the mixers, we've definately created amazing opportunities for our chapter, and our membership. They're always well run and fun. Such a pleasure to have you at OUR event! We appreciate the kind words...

John Trosko