Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s K1 Speed Multi Chamber Mixer

Tuesday marked the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s K1 Speed Multi Chamber Mixer. The event was held at K1 Speed Ontario and, let me tell you, did not disappoint.

Events like these usually run in a pretty standard fashion—booths, people and, of course, networking galore; K1 Speed, however, didn’t let the mixing and mingling stop at the booth. After queuing up, people had the chance to drive around a collection of European electric karts. In a world of mixers, not every one can boast that they actually had their attendees and exhibitors zipping around a racetrack at 60 MPH, all whilst picking up business lead after business lead—a very uniquely impressive feat indeed. Among many of the people that we had the pleasure of mingling with were Susan Segreti, Director of Sales at Residence Inn by Marriott, Sean Stovall, General Manager of Dave & Buster’s, Inc., and Tom M. Borba Jr., of Premiere Golf Solutions.

Now seeing as how K1 Speed has been a long time exhibitor at the Largest Mixer (thanks guys!), one might come to think that maybe, just maybe, K1 got the idea from us. Sorry to disappoint, but K1 Speed deserves all the credit there. While the Largest Mixer has, well, the mixing part down, something tells me that a mass production of Largest Mixer electric karts isn’t anywhere in the near future. Until that day comes, however, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s K1 Speed Multi Chamber Mixer, with its abundance of European electric karts, was second to none.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Shannon Rivers of K1 Speed and Stephanie Palomar and Nicole Vasquez from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce for throwing another great event!

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